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Research interests

Database theory, databases and the Web, data models, schema and data translation, conceptual design, deductive databases, object-oriented databases.

Publications and presentations

List of most of my publications from the Bibliography Server at the University of Trier

Seminars and talks

Recent papers (older downloadable papers)

Notable grants

Microsoft Research PhD Fellowship (funding Giorgio Gianforme)
IBM Research Joint Study Agreement 2005-2006
ECD (MIUR Progetto Speciale)
MAIS (MIUR FIRB 2001-2005)
MOSES IST-2001-37244 (2001-2004)
Data-X (Progetto cofinanziato MURST, 1999-2001)
InterData (Progetto cofinanziato MURST, 1997-1999)

Other projects


Seminars hosted by the database group (since 2002)